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Websites have evolved.
Plain text and images just don't cut it anymore.


When companies build websites, they aren't intended to be used on computers only anymore. Nowadays, some 80% of your users will be on mobile phones, or some sort of mobile device. This means that your old static pages won't cut it. Google for example penalizes a sites rankings if it's not mobile responsive. What does that even mean?

Basically this means ShowMe Webs builds your website as mobile first. When sites are constructed this way your website will look great no matter what device the visitor is on. You don't have to fork out extra money for a mobile app, or deal with apps in general. The technology used is built right into the web browser for maximum efficiency.

Steps To Get Your Website Today

Getting your small business website may not be as hard as you think. There are many services, such as Wix, or Squarespace that let you build your own website relitively quickly. That being said the old addage goes a long way in this case:

'You get what you pay for'

Not to mention YOU have to put in all the time and effort to build the website. Most digital marketing companies in KC, use WordPress as their platform and build your site using themes. This is like McDonalds opening another location, it's different but not really different, so they can churn out sites very quickly with little effort.

Fear not!
ShowMe Webs streamlines the process of building your business brand and getting your company into the online age, and we build the whole package from the ground up specific to your business.

Follow these simples steps to get started!

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Preview a website specially tuned for your business. Our vertical solutions strive to meet all common needs, and we are always willing to work with you on adding custom features!

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